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Body Positivity and “Letting Yourself Go” Are Not the Same Thing!

Thin privilege in fit communities: What is it? How is it different? And what can we do with it?

Why It’s Ok To Rest. (And How To Make the Most Of Your Time Off)

8 Reasons You Don’t Have To Work Out In the Morning

You Don’t Need Permission To Eat Pie. Here’s Why.

What is a Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professional? (+ why you need one in your life!)

Is women’s fitness marketing sucking the joy out of your workouts? Here’s what to do instead.

When your fitness tracker starts causing harm (and the benefits of giving it up for good!)

How to tell if your “healthy” addiction to exercise is actually doing you more harm than good

Want to lose fat without building bulky muscles? Here are some (unexpected) things you might want to consider.

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