I almost hesitated to write this post at all, because green smoothies often get the reputation for being a “diet food”. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have sworn off diets until the end of time. But smoothies are great for so many reasons, especially as it starts to get warmer outside.


  1. They are portable–drink them as you dash out the door.
  2. You can hide greens in them if you (or your husband or kids) want to try to eat more veggies.
  3. You can customize the taste to fall anywhere on the spectrum between rabbit food and dessert.
  4. They are super helpful for busy people who “don’t have time to eat” because you can cram a whole meal’s worth of food in them.
  5. You can make one in under 5 minutes.
  6. They are actually really affordable if you don’t go crazy with fancy ingredients.
  7. There are zillions of flavor combinations (I suggest 10 of my favorites below. )


This might seem like a no-brainer to some of you. I mean, I always thought making green smoothies was pretty easy. Just throw a bunch of stuff in the blender, and drink up right? Apparently not. Today my boss was talking about how hers came out weird (she overdid the lemon zest). My husband likes when I make him one, but he’s clueless on how to make one for himself. Recently I suggested it as a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast or snack option to one of my dance students/personal training clients. I was met with a blank stare, followed by: “So what do I put in it??” “Is it ok to add ______?” Or my favorite, “Is _________ healthy?”

Here is the deal: “healthy” is such a relative term. Different foods serve different purposes for different people. Although unless you are allergic to green leafy vegetables, I’m pretty sure spinach is good for almost everyone. There is something to be said for taste, too. So I ask, what are you hoping to achieve from drinking this emerald beverage? Because a post-workout smoothie might look different from one you make as an afternoon pick-me-up treat. So if you can’t decide whether what you really need is a salad or a unicorn frappucino, just create your own fantasy drink by following this easy-shmeasy template!

In case it wasn’t obvious, put all of your chosen ingredients into the blender (my Vitamix was the best investment I’ve ever made), blend well, and drink up! Use this template as a starting point, and once you get comfortable with your smoothie making skills, feel free to get creative. Here are a few of my favorite flavor combinations if you need some inspiration:

cocao+banana+hazelnuts=chocolate covered banana

coffee+cocao+raspberries=raspberry mocha

orange+vanilla protein powder=creamsicle

pineapple+banana+coconut milk or coconut water=pina colada

banana+peppermint oil or extract+vanilla extract+date=shamrock shake

pumpkin+cinnamon+date+almond butter=pumpkin spice

cherries+cocao=chocolate covered cherry strawberries+mint

leaves+lime=strawberry mojito

peanut butter+berries=pb&j

mango+matcha green tea+avocado=mango green tea

Try these or play around and create your own. Then comment below and let me know how your green smoothie creations turn out!

Did you like this blog post, but still feel a little bit judge-y about some of the ingredients I suggested (too much fat, sugar, etc.)? It’s ok, I’ve been there too! Did you ever wonder why you are doing everything “right” in terms of your health and fitness but just not seeing the results you want? I’ve got a list of 10 good reasons that you may not have considered. Want it?